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Pastel fleece
  • Pastel fleece

    This zip-up is a really soft and lightweight practical jacket.
    It is a color that does not come off easily even after washing,

    and above all, it does not look cloudy.
    It looks bright, and your dog will be a dandy in that park.

    You’ll probably get your attention while walking.
    Fashionable and stylish design, but really warm and good material.
    This product is made in Korea. The Korean fabric is very nice and soft!
    Washing can be done normally, but wash in cold water.

    And if you dry it in natural wind, you can wear it beautifully for a long time!





    • washing method

      When washing, you can put it in a laundry net and put it in with normal laundry. The natural wind can better manage your clothes than the dryer. Of course, hand washing is really good.

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