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Thank you for visiting our lovely HoDooShop. Our shop started as a joint sales shop in 2020 and has been newly opened as our own official website.

The products are made in Korea and come to us after going through a quality check process. It was prepared in a medium-size, which is less common than the small-size clothes that can be commonly found anywhere.

The designs are also fashionable and they are products that can be worn consistently over time.

The material (fabric) is good enough to guarantee.

Always better products, we will prepare only the best products for our dogs:)

Our Story

Many things have changed for me after meeting My dog HODOO and I’m really happy and different feeling:) We do everything together, we share delicious foods.

I also want other fur friends to experience Hodoo’s happiness. We want to give back to those dogs who love unconditionally! I’m going to do my hardest to prepare only the best things. With these, I hope the dogs are healthy, bubbly, and happy.

You can expect nothing but the best from HoDooShop.

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