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Monkey fleece
  • Monkey fleece

    SKU: 364215376135191

    This monkey fleece is a really cute and unusual design.
    The size is even medium-sized dogs,

    and it is elastic and soft without sagging.
    This guarantees that it is not a cheap fabric.

    The neck part is like a windshield, so it is not only warm but also inside the inside softly,

    so there is no harm to the dog’s skin.
    If you really know the fashion and look for sophistication and practicality,

    this. Give your dog cute and warm gift❤️❤️


    ** 2 color __ blue__brown__

    XL___ length’13__chest’21__neck’15



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    • washing method

      When washing, you can put it in a laundry net and put it in with normal laundry.The natural wind can better manage your clothes than the dryer.Of course, hand washing is really good🐶 lol

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