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Daisy cardigan
  • Daisy cardigan

    As you can see in the images, this waffle t-shirt is very trendy and popular.
    It’s not too thick, or too light, and it’s stretchy too! Dogs with long body,

    thick neck, heavy muscles or a lot of fur can wear it with a perfect fit! 
    It doesn’t shrink of stretch after washing, and the quality of fabric is great! 
    You won’t regret buying it.

    If you want your dog to look like a movie star,buy one now!


    XL_ length’12__chest’19__neck’15


    3XL _length’15__chest’24_neck’17

    • washing method

      When washing, you can put it in a laundry net and put it in with normal laundry.The natural wind can better manage your clothes than the dryer.Of course, hand washing is really good🐶 lol

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