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Check coat
  • Check coat

    This check jacket is trendy and very stylish.

    I can tell you with confidence, the material of this jacket is very soft and well-woven.
    The moment you touch it, you’ll feel love for this jacket.

    And when your dog wears this, your dig feels cool and fashionable

    and becomes the most fashionable.
    The color is simple, but it feels like popping out.
    White is recommended if your dog is dark.

    Red recommended for bright dog.
    It will go well with a thin or thick neck.
    But for very long(length) dog, check the length I used!
    How about putting on pretty clothes and presenting them to your baby🐶?❤️


    XL. Length’13__chest’19__neck’14

    2XL. Length’15__chest’21.50_neck’17

    3xL Length’16__chest’25.50__neck’20



    • washing method

      When washing, you can put it in a laundry net and put it in with normal laundry.The natural wind can better manage your clothes than the dryer.Of course, hand washing is really good🐶 lol

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