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Baseball jK
  • Baseball jK

    This high quality baseball jacket can be worn by medium-sized dogs with big puppies!
    It is fleece, but it is a solid material without collapse,

    and you can immediately see how soft it is and how good it is.
    ​This outfit is really cute and warm,
    and the moment you put it on your dogs, it will surely catch your attention!

    The neck of the sleeves is bent and there is no sagging after washing.
    ​Don’t think it’s the clothes you buy in nearby shops!
    The quality design is very good and it’s a design that is second to none!
    Just take it

    **The size of the US and Asia is different, so please check the length carefully!



    • washing method

      When washing, you can put it in a laundry net and put it in with normal laundry.The natural wind can better manage your clothes than the dryer.Of course, hand washing is really good🐶 lol

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